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The Eden Hotels Case

The Eden Hotels Case is a recent one. It was a two year commission that started with an in depth survey into, and advice about, its vision, mission and strategy.

Followed by the search for a new brand name since the hotel group was called Hampshire Hotels at the time which was deemed to be changed. The Top 10 names to be considered were all designed individually to make a choice that befitted the new strategy best. Hence the first image (“EdenHampshire”): one of the alternative new names considered.

Click on any image to enlarge it or view them all as a slide show.

  • Eden Hotels_1
    Eden Hotels_1
  • Eden Hotels_2
    Eden Hotels_2
  • Eden Hotels_3
    Eden Hotels_3
  • Eden Hotels_4
    Eden Hotels_4
  • Eden Hotels_10
    Eden Hotels_10
  • Eden Hotels_5
    Eden Hotels_5
  • Eden Hotels_6
    Eden Hotels_6
  • Eden Hotels_7
    Eden Hotels_7
  • Eden Hotels_8
    Eden Hotels_8
  • Eden Hotels_11
    Eden Hotels_11
  • Eden Hotels_9
    Eden Hotels_9
  • Eden Hotels_12
    Eden Hotels_12