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An overview of some international branding commissions.  For some of these brands, developing the brand name was also part of the commission or even the starting point (e.g. Resillion, Linteloo, Newton Classics, Eden Hotels). And all the brands shown here are generally part of a larger commission including a logo, corporate identity, brand manual, vision, mission, strategy, etcetera.

For example Maastricht UMC+ and Eden Hotels were both recent multi-year, comprehensive and successful projects resulting, in both cases, in a new corporate identity, strategy and company policy. In the case of Newton Classics developing its name, logo and corporate identity was only the start of a very successful and long term cooperation of many years.

And with many of these companies or clients there is an ongoing relationship and for some even recurring branding commissions or refreshing the existing brand (after a period of 10 years for example).

If you want more information about branding commissions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer all your questions.

And by the way the image at the top is a true brand. It’s a logo Jan Martin designed for designer Monique Brink applied with a branding iron underneath a table she designed for Puccini Bomboni.

In the photo: Greg Shapiro and Jan Martin at one of Greg’s “The Madness of King Donald” shows.


The photo of the Lost Boys bikes in the branding presentation is used courtesy of Driek, © copyright 2001.